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Hutch Auto & Truck Parts is owned and operated by Robbie Bajari and Josh Hoffenkamp. The Bajari family is now among the 3rd generation of automotive recyclers. Our family has been in the automotive recycling industry since 1942, when Grandpa Pat Bajari started recycling. Robbie’s father Larry has been in the auto recycling industry for 55 years and recently sold out his share of the business to son-in-law Josh Hoffenkamp. Robbie has been involved with the family business since the age of 5 years old, and began pulling parts and driving equipment and yard vehicles about age 8. Josh has been part of Hutch Auto since 1997, Josh and Robbie have worked together through every aspect of the business from housekeeping, to yard parts pulling, shipping and receiving, counter sales, dismantling, car crushing, management and accounting. We all have to help do a little part of each others job at times.

Hutch Auto mainly focuses selling late model Car and Pickup/SUV parts.

We sell both new and used parts for just about any type of vehicle. Some examples of new parts we stock are: body parts, glass, headlamps, signals, mirrors, etc. A unique part of our Business is the large selection of commercial type truck parts we stock and broker. A few examples are : 2 ton trucks, semis, cube vans, school buses  and 1 tons. If we do not have the requested part in stock, we have two of the most sophisticated parts locating systems in the industry !

One service we offer for your convenience is delivery to all of Mid-Minnesota.

However, if you are out of our delivery range, we ship to anywhere in the 48 states. Call us with any questions you may have no matter how simple or complex they may be. (800-685-5839)  We welcome a challenging request and will do our best to serve you. We appreciate your support and patronage and look forward to helping you in the future.
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